About eagle online

I know what you’re thinking. This is just another blog looking to sell services through content generation.


Well, partially wrong (if you want to work with me go over to Kayo Digital).

Eagle online was made to help me up-skill, experiment and being over simplistic – boost the CV.

The site is crammed full of anecdotal experience, information and theories. Albeit, you may not agree with the content it’s here to help. So I hope it does.

eagle online = Harry Dance

No, it’s not my alias and Harry Dance is actually my name.  eagle online was my freelance business that stopped because of a career change.

I’m from a psychology background which is a staple part of my digital marketing arsenal, however, in digital terms, I specialise in the following: strategy, SEO, Adwords, web analytics, Social Media (implementation and training) and web development.


Do you write content for other sites?

Yes. Not nearly enough. But yes.

And if you want some content for your website please do contact me here.


Do you accept guest posts?

I do but of course, I’m selective what I publish.

If you’d like to submit an article please contact me here.