Digital / website strategy consulting for B2B

It’s commonly understood how important digital marketing is in generating expose and work but many don’t understand how it fits in the big picture, its costs, resources, the benefits of planning and how each piece of the digital marketing puzzle fit together.

The common approach is to install an ad-hoc digital marketing approach but this process isn’t effective. Without a strategy and goal your firm can lose out.

Our plans incorporate the following:

  1. Situation – where is the company now?
  2. Objectives – where does the company want to be?
  3. Strategy – how do we get there (looking at the holistic side of it)
  4. Tactics – how exactly do we get there – including costs etc.?
  5. Action – what is our plan and how will we go about implementing it?
  6. Control – how will we define if we were successful?

Why do I need a digital marketing plan?

There are multiple reasons a company would need a digital marketing plan but the main reasons we come across are:

  • You’re wasting resource and money on your current efforts
  • You have a restricted budget when it comes to digital marketing
  • Your current plans aren’t integrated with the overall company plan
  • You don’t have a direction online

A comprehensive plan needs experience and expertise to make sure the strategy is part of your company’s overall plan is effective and sometimes it’s best to outsource this.

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