Marketing for a new website launch

Launching a website can be intimidating – to say the least. You have a myriad of opportunities and concerns to contend with and the bigger the project the more there is to contend with and, yes, the web designers are employed to deal with this.

However, unfortunately, a web designer will focus on the look of the website and not the marketing functionality and the strategy moving forward. Similar to how an architect looks at design whilst the engineer will look at practicalities.

When building a website, you need to consider:

  • Meeting search engines standards
  • User experience – including speed
  • Promoting the right online valued proposition
  • How will you generate traffic to your website and what’s the purpose of the website?
  • Integrating with your email software

Why do I need a marketing consultant for my website build?

There are multiple reasons a company would need a digital marketing consultant when planning a new website but the common reason is a consultant can help gain an ROI from the website.

You would hope a website has a long half-life and to ensure this a web design needs support in:

  • Making sure the website reflects the company’s main goal
  • Creating a strategy
  • Making sure the website has its foundations in place

A comprehensive web build plan needs to enlist experience and expertise and an online marketing consultant can help.

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