Time, rightly or wrongly so, is increasingly being identified as a commodity increasing in value. And because of this, we have seen less uptake in event attendance over the past years when only using traditional marketing techniques. This is only going to increase now GDPR has hindered the ability for companies to send mass mailings – albeit, we all now must focus on more targeted operations which is a positive thing.

A personal invite or phone call will always be the most valuable tool in generating attendees but unfortunately, this isn’t always achievable and sometimes support through other mediums is essential.

Using online mediums doesn’t just gain new attendees but encourages targeted attendees to sign up, by:

  • Targeted reminders on social media and the web
  • Email prompts
  • Organic social media and website promotion

What scenario should I look to promote an event?

As inferred above, personal invites and phone calls are the way forward –, especially in a GDPR world. However, there are several scenarios where you should consider using online mediums to promote your events. These are:

  • If you’re looking to bring in a new, unknown, audience
  • If you don’t have the resource to follow up every invite
  • If you’re looking to support your current event invite activity

How to increase your event attendance with online marketing

The right plan of action and time-frame is essential when promoting an event.

All events are different and the data behind them changes. To create an effective marketing mix (i.e. assortment of services (including SEO, social media, remarketing, email marketing etc.)) a bespoke strategy will drive the online marketing.

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